Frosted film can be used in office space, medical and spa offices, hotels and other.


Ideal for restaurants and stores. Stand out and make your customers experience better.

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For Office

Decoration on glass dividers, UV protection, privacy, branding of enclosed spaces.


For Restaurant

Store front design, interior decorative glass. Branding.


For Home

Abstract design on shower or vinary glass,  mirrors, walls.

Privacy Without Compromising

Frosted vinyl significantly reduces the amount of sunlight and UV light entering the room, protecting the room from heating, and the interior from burning out.

Properly applied, the film adds privacy effect to open spaces but allows a high degree of light transmission for sufficient illumination of the room inside. Hence the name “Privacy Film”. Film promotes increased strength of glass, resistance to damage. It is also a good protection for people – glass with a matte film becomes less traumatic.

With the correct installation frosted glass film has a long service life, without requiring any special care. Perfectly suited as an additional decor in the interior design. For professional window film installation check out our partner’s website:

Frosted film cutter GR640-2

Roland GAMM-1 GR-640. Used to cut privacy film.

Frosted glass film is applied to any existing glass panel. Film gives glass a ‘sandblasted glass‘ appearance and is perfect for added privacy or as a decorative element.

What is Frosted Glass Film?

It is a vinyl film that imitates frosted glass. It is ideal for open spaces where glass panels are used as dividers. Oftentimes frost glass film is used on shop-windows as decorative element.

Benefits of Frosted Glass Film

The benefits are vast. The main benefit is affordability. Frosted film is applicable on any glass, anywhere. It is easy to use.

It’s Easy As 1,2,3…

Give us a call or email,  we will make frosted film based on your specifications and apply it to your glass.

In addition to the large selection
of quality matte films we offer:

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  • Warranty up to 8 years
  • The lowest prices in GTA

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