Annealed Glass

Also called “non-safety”, annealed glass is rarely use alone, as it doesn’t pass most safety tests. It is most widely used in conjunction with other materials as an insulator, while the other materials bear the load.


Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass is made from annealed float glass which is then cut, polished and heated, to be quickly cooled, forcing the glass into a state of perpetual tension. This process makes the glass far more resistant to pressures and flexes, while also making it safe to handle even in cases of breaks. When Tempered Glass breaks, it leaves behind rounded bits of dull glass. Note: Tempering is mandatory for all inside projects where human activity occurs, and all glass must bear the tempering company’s stamp, or come with a letter confirming that such tempering took place.


Clear Glass

Clear glass is ideal for use in places where visibility is important. The glass panels are a great way to divide a space without reducing its apparent size. Common uses include: interior guard railing, glass showers, office meeting rooms, glass sliding and pivoting doors.


Acid Etched Glass

Created to provide privacy with all the benefits of glass, our acid-etched products will deliver a refined look to any space safe from prying eyes.


Tinted Glass

A great way to add colour to an otherwise plain project is with Tinted Glass. Tinted glass provides a great way to easily contrast the glass panels from the rest of the space. Be it Bronze, Gray, or Green, tinted glass adds a welcome touch of elegancy.

Glass Staircases

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