Before any project can be started, first it needs to be measured. With glass, precision matters. Good measurement not only make sure that the assembled work looks straight and level, but will also help account for and correct the imperfection in walls, ceilings and floors, which may otherwise ruin even the smallest of projects. Trust Valtex Glass to take the measurements precisely and make the glass fit just right.


Custom Glass Cutting

Valtex Glass specializes in producing glass and mirrors for all purposes, and will take on even the most uniquely demanding projects.


Glass Edge Polishing

Even when surrounded by silicone, or stuck against a wall, the polishing of the glass matters, as you can see right through it and any imperfections will stand out. Valtex Glass checks every panel, door, and shelf on all sides and corners, to make sure that it will make anyone who looks at it, happy.


Precise Cutouts

1/16th. That’s how much one can get away with in the glass industry. That is the maximum tolerance that can be adjusted on the spot without visibly impacting the project’s assembly. For this reason, Valtex Glass carefully triple checks not only the cut size of each piece, but also the quality of the rakes, hinge cuts and cutouts. Just about anyone can cut glass, but Valtex Glass cuts it right.


Hole Drilling

From handles, to towel bars, through clips and hinges, almost anything related to glass requires holes to be drilled in the piece. If the holes aren’t done right, the whole panel instantly becomes scrap. For this reason, it is best to trust your glass to a professional with a well-maintained drilling equipment.


Curved Patch Carving

Some hardware requires special cutouts with carefully calculated radiuses and shapes. Valtex Glass makes it our business to make sure that each cutout will accommodate the intended piece of hardware. When in doubt, you can count on us to have a sample of the part, to show you that the cutout is a perfect match.


Glass Tempering

Glass tempering is an entire science in and of itself, where all efforts are focused on heating the glass, and then cooling it rapidly in order to strengthen it. The important part is that it makes regular, annealed, glass into a toughened and robust material that can sustain high-velocity and weight impacts. Not only that, but it also makes it entirely safe to handle in case of breakage, virtually eliminating the risk of injury. Unfortunately, tempering can also damage the piece if the quality of glass is inferior, resulting in it exploding during the cooling process. Valtex Glass purchases glass only from trusted partners in the industry.


Installations and Adjustments

Valtex Glass can help you with creating or salvaging any project. We will replace any wrong-fitting glass, provide proper hardware, and deliver to you the glass of your dreams.


Glass Replacement

Need to replace a broken piece of glass? We’ll do it quickly and without any headaches.

Quality Glass Services at Reasonable Prices

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