When it comes to glass, there is no place for mistakes. Due to the building codes requiring for all interior glass to be safety glass, this means that once a panel is ready for installation there is no chance of adjusting it in case it doesn’t fit. Every line is final; every shape is either perfect, or worthless. This is due to the tempering process which renders the glass far stronger and resistant to impacts, but also makes it impossible to process further, as it would disrupt the state of tension of the molecules in it and cause it to shatter. Custom glass is needed for the vast majority of applications: from simple guard railing to intricately designed ornamentations.


Custom Glass Railing

In guard railing, only custom-made glass panels can guarantee an aesthetically pleasing ensemble. Aligning angles, vertical and horizontal lines, as well as handrails, all require the custom cut glass panels. Furthermore, each panel will require a different pattern of drilling to be applied to it, in order to fit properly within the planned space. Valtex Glass guarantees that our custom glass will be cut exactly to match the requirements and needs of every project.

Custom Glass Showers

Any good shower consists of two things: beautiful-looking glass, and water-tight seals. Only custom-cut shower panels can guarantee that they will fit perfectly into your bathroom’s space. Every bathroom is unique, even in exactly identical living spaces. Uneven floors, out of level walls, warped ceiling, are all possible problems. Custom cut glass showers take all of these into consideration in order to create panels that fit together exactly right. The difficulty of producing custom glass for shower panels lies in the initial measurements. This is the first step of any project, and has to be done right in order for the custom panels to be useful. Valtex Glass guarantees that all our panels are produced exactly to size. We work together with a team of experts to make sure that all aspects of the shower are thought of and accounted at all points in the production cycle.

Custom Glass Offices

A nicely-furnished corner office has now become somewhat of a staple not only in Hollywood, but the corporate world as well. The great thing about glass office walls is that they truly allow for an “open-door” policy, while also providing great audio-insulation to those inside the room. Each panel has to be cut specifically to the specifications of the room, keeping in mind any variations in the flooring, ceiling, and walls along the large span it will cover.

Custom Glass Doors

A precisely cut glass door will add a touch of luxury to any space. Experts at Valtex Glass are meticulous when it comes to cutting and installing custom glass doors. Every detail of the project is taken into consideration to ensure that all of the pieces fit perfectly together to create a properly functioned door. With tempered glass panels, custom sliding doors are safe and reliable and do not compromise the view and natural lighting.

Custom Glass Wineries

At Valtex Glass, we employ new technology and new design, while preserving old traditions. Precision is key to constructing the perfect winery at your home and that is why every glass panel is carefully cut and adjusted to fit the space and more importantly, to ensure that it is hermetically sealed. A variety of glass design options and decorative elements will help you to customize your winery so that it complements your home. In addition to aesthetic appeal, the glass panels used for wineries are durable and versatile.

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