Valtex Glass offers delivers quality product and service within short and reliable time frames. From the moment the work is agreed upon, every project is carefully tracked to make sure it is completed within the allotted time-frame. Status updates can be provided upon availability. As soon as an order is filled, we let you know!


Valtex Glass has completed countless projects. Here are just a few ideas for yours:

  1. Frameless glass railing on a rooftop or balcony
  2. Aluminum and Glass guard railing on patios and front porches
  3. Privacy glass installations around hot tubs and saunas


From office doors to high-rise guard railing, we do it all. Any glass made by Valtex will add style to your place of business. Each business whose project we decide to shoulder can rest assured that they will always be well taken care of.  Valtex Glass may not be your first stop, but we’ll make sure it’s your last.


Valtex Glass has a great team that can transform any bathroom into a modern bathhouse.

  1. Double Doors on tubs
  2. Sliding systems
  3. Door-less openings
  4. Virtually any hardware finish imaginable, from brushed nickel to black paint.


What better way to showcase your beautiful collection of spirits without constant worry about upsetting the temperature inside the room? Valtex Glass will transform your ordinary cooled basement into a showroom with panache.

Shelves and Tabletops

Glass is one the most versatile materials in the world for construction and architecture purposes. It is solid, sound-proof, insulating, durable, non-absorbent, and doesn’t react with virtually any substance. It is perfect for such applications as separating an area of the house, shelving, table covers, etc. Ask us about how we can make glass work for you!

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